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Here you can Find all the Information About Study Medicine / Mbbs / Medical in Germany for Indian Students, Requirement, Fees and Universities. Admission open for 2015-16, Very Limited Seats. Apply Now!!!!
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About Germany

All about Germany

At first let us take the opportunity to welcome you to the country Germany. We know that you have reached here to pursue with your higher education, and so it is absolutely our duty to look after you and to provide you with the information about the living in Germany. There are several things that you should know about living in this country. When you will start your lifestyle here, you will feel that you are at home. There are certain things that you should know in detail about living here. We will help you in guiding about the living and even the cost of living in our country.

Living in Germany

When you are coming to Germany from other country, you will have to provide all the necessary and proper documents that will give you the permission to enter here. The most important thing among them is the visa. You should keep one thing in mind that the Visa is applicable in this country just for 3 months. After you have registered yourself in any of these Universities, it is very important that you should convert your Visa to Resident Permit to continue your education. We can help you in doing this for you from the Local Foreigners Office. Here we will also help you with a list that you will require for your Resident Permit. The things are: your valid passport, your photograph, the admission letter, and a proper proof about all your academic performance from all the previous institutions, a proper proof of financial support whether you can continue the studies financially etc.

You can live at the hostels that are very close to your university and you will find that we do not offer any complex rules there for you. You can find the best hostel at the best price very easily. But, in case you want to go for any furnished private accommodation for yourself in our country then, that will be a bit expensive. We help you out in assisting for hostel accommodation. . .

Cost of living and study in Germany

If you compare Germany with other European countries you will find that Germany is not at all overly expensive. The cost of study, living, food and other all activities are quite similar to the average European countries. It should be noted that the cost of study in Germany includes completely the cost of living in the country. So, you can easily come to this country for pursuing your higher education. Germany is not at all expensive like the Scandinavian countries. The country thinks about the students and their benefits. After thinking about all these we help you in getting the best facilities in Germany. If you ask any of the international ex students, you can easily get a clear notion about the cost of living here that is not at all expensive. We help you in offering overall assistance when you have made plans to our complete your studies in Germany.